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Natalie has given people loving assistance and compassionate advice since many years. She´s been working in divine service in many lifetimes, as a preparation for this lifetime, to stand now at the leading edge of the change to bring in the energies of the New Earth.

Natalie is able to look behind the surface, finding potentials and so(u)lutions, where seemed to be lack and pain. With a changed perspective we regain our abilty to grow and express the richness of life. When we create through love, we become part of the abundance of life and experience a joyful universe.

If you are ready to let go of all that doesn´t serve you no longer, to reach out for your souls potential and purpose, Natalie will assist and guide you while that process. Her main focus will be the healing and opening of your heart, as the heart is the key to your own reconnection with your Soul energy, as this will bring back the balance you need for an independent and fulfilling life.


Languages: German and English



Natalie was born with strong psychic abilities, but has been hiding them many years, as she had to face a quite difficult life. Sh incarnated as an unwanted child of a single mum, spending her early years in an orphanage and with foster parents. She is an empath and suffered as she witnessed and experienced all possible forms of human distortions. What seemed to be a heavy task, finally turned out was for the greater good and necessary as a preparation for her calling. All these challenges offered lots of opportunities for growth and experiences, so she´d be able to really understand the patterns and obstacles people have to deal with.

Natalie is the mother of an adult daughter and has been working in the finance and tax sector as well as in public service for many years.

In her freetime Natalie spent most of her resources to study spiritual teachings, to remember her knowledge and wisdom as a healer, shaman, priestess etc. in many other lifetimes.

In her daily life Natalie enjoys writing, coffee, cats, nature and the starlight.


She summarizes why she started Soulutions:

After many years of studies and own development I came to a point, where I´ve received again and again the message my mission would be to be "a Healer of Hearts". That the reason why I went through all of my experiences has been to gain compassion and to be able to understand and teach others. And it´s been true, as people always came to me to ask for advice. My whole life. No matter where I lived or worked, they all came to me. So I´ve decided: "Who am I, when heaven wants me to do this work to refuse my calling any longer?" And as always, when the inner intent is given, miracles happen on the outside. I remembered my other lifetimes as a healer and shaman and became a vessel for my own light, to serve mankind in these important times.


I´m offering people a compassionate, loving point of view, while staying on a solid ground of enhanced awareness to help them to change their perspective and to navigate safe through life. My own personality steps aside to become the living tool and channel to bring in guidance and healing for their souls path. When they learn, through me, to accept themselves and their challenges, they are able to create a loving, joyful reality. All of us have beautiful skills and there´s always way more in us than we know. I´m proof of that and you will be, also - when you choose happiness over pain.

Ute wrote:

"Natalies enhanced empathy is allowing her to understand peoples life situation very quickly and completely. She has appreciation and compassion, but remains realistic and focused on solutions.

Through her experiences and her state of awareness she is able to offer new ways or thought Patterns, that may lead to more clarity or to a calming of the present situation.

You feel accepted and well-understood.

To me, talking to her, is a matter of trust and leads to a heart-opening on a regular basis."



Miriam said:

"Natalie owns the gift to see things very plainly. When I tell her about a problem, she is delivering clarity into the actual issue immediately. "



Annegret-Marie stated:

"Dear Natalie, because of your warmheartedness you offer an anchorage place, a platform, where men and woman can present themselves as they really are.

These qualities and your message: "You are worthy. You are important!" have been received.

I am happy and at the same time proud, to know you."



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