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Find the sacred place of balance.


No matter how evolved we are, in the earthly realms all is flowing, all is about change. As long as we are in perfect balance, our experiences are filled with fun and joy. Things unfold smoothly and with lightness. I would like to inspire you to regain your power to manifest your life consciously, as the powerful creator that you truly are.


Talk to your best friend.


While talking with Natalie, when viewed from a higher perspective; you simply talk to yourself. We are all connected through the One Love, that exists in all that is. Without it, there is nothing at all. I AM that I AM is who we really, truly are. When we connect with this source, healing happens naturally. Natalie mirrors the expression of the oneness that inspires itself through the process of cleansing, as you remember and feel the magnificent beauty that is your real self.


Smooth Soulutions.


Whatever you would like to address, I am looking forward to the adventures that your souls path will present. Assisting you to solve your "problems" is my passion. There is no issue you can´t address. You can trust in my non-judgemental and loving awareness, that has seen it all, and of course has been it all, through many incarnations. I can inspire you to find the courage to let go of everything that doesn´t serve your highest potentials.


What to expect:


A session may last 45 minutes or it might take 2 hours, this depends on your current situation. In this time we will first talk about your topic, to make sure the problem, and maybe the problem behind the problem, is seen with crystal clear perception.

I will than get instructions from my higher self, that made contact with your higher self and guides, what route to take.


Afterwards I might lead you in a guided meditation to your soulution or use the Rose Touch, my special kind of quantum healing. Sometimes I work with your timelines or use another technic that might connect you with your soulution.


I have a huge tool-box, from many lifetimes as a shaman and healer, so everything might happen. Sometimes I am scheduling a second appointment, to work in between with a technic like astrology or to travel to other realms to assist your path.



The price for my assistance is always the same: 149,- €.




Please contact me in case you need a special appointment, have further questions or want me for a workshop or as a cooperation partner.


Send me a request:



  • Tell me about your time-zone and your time-preferences, so I can offer you an appointment, that suits you well.
  • Tell me a bit about your current situation, so I can prepare and "tune in" already.

Here are some webinars of the past, which are an effective way to get to know my work for an affordable price. As I am working in the quantum field, outside of time and space, the offered energies and frequencies are available as often as you choose to watch the recording. In many cases I ask my clients to prepare before a personal session via a webinar, so they will be able to benefit more more from a one-on-one consultation. And in many cases a personal consultation is not needed any more, as the webinar format is already provoding the next steps the clients needed for their progress. Please klick on the links above to check out my offerings and, as always, follow the guidance of your precious heart. <3


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Twin Flame - Quantum Healing Webinar


Free to be me- Quantum Healing Webinar

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