Touched by a Rose

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There is no issue that you cannot address. As an old Soul I´ve seen it all and also have been it all, so I would never judge or belittle you. I am able to see your divine core, that is one of pure lovelight and I love to assist you to make reconnection with it.


I am offering once in a month a free group session and you are invited to sign in to get an idea how the Rose Touch feels like. It is also an opportunity for the ones that cannot afford a private session, to have access to these outstanding energies. Please check my Blog to find out about the next session.

In case you should have any questions, do not hesitate to message me.


There is now also an option available to participate live via FreeConferenceCall when the next Rose Touch & Rose Talk is taking place. After the free Monthly Rose Touch is given I will have a Talk with a special guest each month, who is connected to the Rose in some way. You can sign in below to be added to the list of participants that have access to the free Live Event.You will be informed a few days before the event takes place and receive your personal link to join the event.


Your Support


If you could benefit from my work and want to help me making it available, there are lots of possibilities.

  • Tell your friends about it.
  • Post about it on Facebook.
  • Write about it on your own blog.
  • Ask me for an interview.
  • Any suggestions? Tell me!
  • Donate. I love this outstanding work and would do it with great joy even as a multi-millionaire, but I am not and have to pay my expenses in cash.

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

A living Rose


I am prepared through many lifetimes to become a Living Rose. The Roses are expression of the divine pure Love that resides in all beings. We come from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and are not bound to any boxes of believe. My life is dedicated to this work and the Rose is part of all of my own creative expressions, may it be my writings, healing sessions or talks....




Touched by a Rose


The Rose Touch is an energetic transmission of very high frequencies of pure Love.


It is not necessary to be touched physically, as this is a form of spiritual healing and can be given and received through an inner connection. As it is easier for my clients to relax and to open up while a personal contact, I am offering the Rose Touch as a local One-on-One Session or via Skype.

Reconnect with your original blueprint. Your true self. Become whole again.


I am working at an energetic and spiritual level. If you suffer from any physical or mental ailment I want you to see your physican or psychologist. My work is to assist people on their spiritual path and that is always one of self-responsibility and self-empowerment. To be able to do this work is my joy and honor, but it is not about my human persona, as I am just the living transmitter of these energies, that will support you as far it is possible for you to receive and hold them. All of that is happening with great respect of your path and in honoring of your divine core.

Please sign in here with your name and Mail-Adress, if you want to join the Rose Touch & Rose Talk Sessions and agree to be added to the mailing list.


Thank you for visiting my Homepage. You may enjoy a guided meditation, that I´ve recorded to help you to reconnect with your true self. You´ll be guided into "The sacred Rosegarden" where you´ll receive your Rosetouch.


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